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Surgical Device GPS System for Information Display Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240791D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-02
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Surgical devices with information displays marketed and distributed globally must adhere to country specific regulations with the respect to the information displayed, particular any wording in the country specific language. This can pose both a design, manufacturing and distribution challenge if a device needs to be configured solely for a single country or if a device needs to be configured and display the languages of all of the countries in which it is distributed. A preferred solution would be for a device to detect its global position and only display the appropriate country specific information and/or language.

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         Surgical Device GPS System for Information Display  SUMMARY 

Surgical devices with information displays marketed and distributed globally must adhere to country  specific regulations with the respect to the information displayed, particular any wording in the country  specific language.  This can pose both a design, manufacturing and distribution challenge if a device  needs to be configured solely for a single country or if a device needs to be configured and display the  languages of all of the countries in which it is distributed.  A preferred solution would be for a device to  detect its global position and only display the appropriate country specific information and/or language. 


This concept consists of a mechanism and methodology to allow country specific information to be  displayed on a powered surgical device.  A laparoscopic endocutter surgical stapling device is used for  illustration only. The surgical device contains a GPS receiver and the electrical and software  configurations to take global positioning digital data, establish the latitude and longitude coordinates, an  algorithm to use those global coordinates to establish the position within a specific country or region  and select the specific information, language, etc. from a programmed m...