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Enhanced event based actions within the JVM Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240793D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-03
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The fine grained method for enabling collection of diagnostic data for a Java VM - performing a configured action if user defined elapsed time within a particular method is passed.

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Enhanced event based actions within the JVM

The Java VM can currently trigger a Java dump, heap dump etc. when:

1. A certain method is called 2. Exception is thrown 3. GC occurs etc.

    However, there is a need for enhancements to this feature to enable improved data collection and problem diagnosis.

    A new trigger option for "if time within method X exceeds time Y perform action Z" is required to trigger a particular action when a user is more confident that the issue they are looking to capture is occurring.

    The user can state that if time within method getConnection() exceed time 0.2 seconds perform action generate Java core"

    In this example there is a problem in trying to get a connection, a Java core is generated and can be subsequently analysed to determine to root cause. Currently the user would need to capture a number of Javacores (in this example) and hope that they caught it at the right moment.

    To implement such a trigger a timer thread would be needed that could be informed on method entry and informed on method exit:

1. User specifies to trigger a Javacore if within "getConnection()" for 0.2 seconds.

2. Java VM starts and timer thread is spawned on recognition of command line option. 3. The trigger is registered with the timer thread.

4. When getConnection() is entered the entry is registered with the timer thread.

    5. The timer thread at defined intervals checks the new time and whether any of the methods that have an entry but no matching exit have re...