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Use of stylus in to embed another application in any document. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240812D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-04
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A program is disclosed by which a user can use stylus to embed another application in any document.

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Use of stylus in to embed another application in any document .

In existing technologies, while writing any document, different applications can be embedded or inserted in a word document. Once tables are inserted, user can use the table as spreadsheet in word processing software. Data can be transferred from one application to another application.

This article discusses mapping a sketch with a specific application, and accordingly, the selected dataset will be converted into an appropriate application and will be embedded.

The program provides a method and system by which:

1. user can map different types of sketch/ drawing with application format;

2. using stylus based drawing/sketch over any dataset on any word processing document user can convert the selected dataset in to an application;

3. user can convert the selected dataset into an embedded file or change the format into a grid with stylus;

4. user can also execute the reverse action; and 5. user can select content from multiple pages vs just the portion of the page currently viewable. The data could also be stored locally vs embedding the file in an email.

The following diagram (Figure 1) depicts using stylus user sketches/drawing over a dataset in a word processing document, and accordingly, based on the sketch or drawing type, data will be converted into new format. In this case, user has sketched a grid, and grid is mapped with "Spreadsheet", so the selected data set is converted to the new format.