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Method and system for item usage statistics display in Social networking site. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240813D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-04
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A program is disclosed by which social network software gathers item usage statistics of any user based on an object recognition method

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Method and system for item usage statistics display in Social networking site .

On social networking site, we upload different photographs, create different albums, etc. For example, one social network user has visited different places, and then created a photographic album or uploaded photographs. In each of the photos, the user uses the same wearable items (e.g., shoe, dress, coat, watch, etc) multiple times. If this information can be provided to the user, it will provide multiple advantages to the user.

If the information is provided to the user, then:

1. the user can understand when the item was first used, and where (i.e.,location) the user has used the item.

2. the user is likely to use the same item in his next travel . etc.

The program provides a method and system by which:

1. social network software will gather the Item usage statistics of any object based on user recognition method;

2. upon hovering mouse over any item, social network software will display the usage statistics of the selected item with chronological order;

3. user can select any link from the statistics, and accordingly, user can jump to the appropriate album;

4. software will also display the thumbnails of historical usage ; and

5. software will provide information on how many social network users have commented on the

selected item (Not shown in Diagram)

The program can also:
- allow user to get a sorted list of most worn items for a given time period ; and
- allow user to get info on which friends wear the same item (e.g., knowing what could a friend...