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Method and system for change in transparency level with hand touch gesture.

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240814D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-04
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A program is disclosed by which a user can change the transparency level in a transparent display with a hand touch gesture

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Method and system for change in transparency level with hand touch gesture .

Transparent, or see-through displays, are being used in many places. Because of the nature of transparency, a user can use the transparent display as normal glass. Often times, one makes use of glasses with different types of transparency level. Below, Figure 1 shows an example of an existing transparent display.

Figure 1

As another example, a user wants to change the transparency level in his vehicle window glasses,

1. As per user's configuration transparency level of the see through display, the transparency of the window glass will be changed automatically based on identified context. In this example, one context can be the window of a user is made of transparent display, so while the user is sleeping in the day time, the display can become foggy automatically, so that some amount of light is restricted from entering the vehicle.

2. User can make one or more sections of the display transparent by rubbing hand / finger on this display.

3. Again, as per the user's configuration, transparent sections of the display will become foggy after a specified time.

4. Camera installed in the device will recognize the user who is rubbing the display with hand/ finger and accordingly, display will become transparent in the touch points.

5. Both internal context (e.g., dimming if someone is changing dresses), and external context (cloud the glass if it is sunny, or if people are outside) could be used a sourc...