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Change history of calendaring tools Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240828D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-05
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A method to track historical changes to calendar events.

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Change history of calendaring tools

In the corporate world, the use of calendars is the key cog that helps synchronize work and collaboration. However, due to various issues, often meetings need to be modified, rescheduled, canceled, and so forth. Sometimes when a meeting finally occurs, the people attending the meeting may be confused on "how they got there".

What is proposed is a method for calendaring tools to in effect maintain a change log in which changes done to the calendar entry can be viewed by all participants so that a historical record of what occurred leading up to the meeting can be viewed .

When the user opens up a calendar entry , they typically see information:

1) invitees
2) call-in information
3) embedded documentation (powerpoint, excel, etc)

What is proposed is a tab in the calendar invitation that shows the past history of changes to the invitation.

When the originator of the invite makes changes , they are prompted to document (give a reason) for the change.

Thus when any of the invitees flip the tab , they can see that a certain invitee was taken off the list (to answer the question "why isn't he here for this call?")
because that person may have asked to be taken off the meeting . Or, they can see that a meeting was re-scheduled 5 times due to counters by 3 different people (to answer the question, "why did it take so long to have this meeting ?")

Or, they can see various documents that were discussed in the past . This helps when a repeat...