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Context Evaluation of Posts in Social Media Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240840D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-06
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Disclosed is a system that ensures appropriate responses to a user’s post based on an evaluation of the poster’s current context. The system recognizes life changes associated with users in a network and informs contacts of those changes so that the contacts can appropriately respond.

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Context Evaluation of Posts in Social Media

Users often choose social media outlets over other methods as the preferred avenue for expressing feelings, emotions, and thoughts, as well as scheduling events and notifying others of potential interests. A problem arises, however, if life changes of the individuals posting the content are not taken into consideration amongst friends in a social network because the underlying meaning or context of a post may be easily misunderstood.

For instance, immediately after a loss of a dear friend someone may change a profile picture to include a picture of the individual in memory of said friend without explicitly informing anyone that the friend has recently passed away. Others in the individual's social network who may not be aware of the loss, which is considered a major life

change in this case, may see the picture and wish to make a comment that might be inappropriate if the context of the picture is not understood.

A system is needed to prevent accidentally inappropriate posts by identifying major life

changes of a user and updating networked contacts.

The novel contribution is a system that identifies an individual's major life changes in order to ensure that readers of posts made by the individual understand the context.

As network contacts communicate with the individual, based on the degree of separation, the system provides up-to-date information related to the user's context/current situation. Therefore, network contacts are less likely to make an accidental inappropriate comment and can make better decisions when messaging in response to their friend's posts or when sending information on upcoming events or items of interests.

The system comprises a Learning Engine and an Analytics Engine.

The Learning Engine processes the content of a new post by cross-checking it with various sources or information database that provide information on births, deaths, marriages, divorces, etc. The Learning Engine also leverages knowledge bases and historical social networking activity to determine whether any life change has occurred and identify the indi...