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Multi-directional Password Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240853D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-06
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Disclosed is a method for a multi-direction password. In recent years and months, most have heard or become impacted by security breaches at digital sites. Security breaches are occurring and getting worse because hackers are getting better and password protection is getting worse. This is costing individuals and companies a lot of money and the need to expand the protection of passwords is more important than ever.

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-directional Password

directional Password

Disclosed is a method for a multi-direction password.

Today, users have the ability to type in passwords where the letters are all the same direction; however, the disclosure invention expands the security and possibilities for passwords by enabling users to change the direction of the text/letters/words/phrases,

which will expand the possibilities and further protect users. Some examples of

directional choices could include, but not limit to - backward, upside down, left, right, etc. This could also be expanded to include multi corners (8 points, 10 points, etc.) so that the user picks a more exact / specific angle for where they want the letter/word/phrase to be pointing, which would expand the possibilities even further. Many passwords now require that a user include a capital letter, numerical character, etc. in their passwords for added protection, this could be an added security measure,

wherein users are required to have at least one letter or word in their password be a different direction than the norm.

The disclosure provides a system and method for hardening a password by manipulating the direction and/or rotation of letters and/or words with in a password or passphrase. This solution would greatly expand the possibilities of various passwords because its not just based on the set of keys available on the keyboard and their capitalization, it would also consider the direction of the letter(s), word(s), and/or phrase(s).

Receiver of the character - right now if users go to a website for example, the password field is a standard alpha-numeric field (mixing an alpha-numeric) and is not expected or possible to be able to different directions.

System would process this by looking to --
validate the password as being a password (characters are correct)
then look as secondary to look at the properties (direction of the characters)

User could have multiple options for selecting/choosing the direction of the letter(s),

word(s), and/or phrase(s), which could incl...