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Messages with Half-Life

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240870D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-09
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Disclosed is a unique system and apparatus for authenticating message veracity and preventing the spread of false information. The approach is based on the attribution of a half-life value to any posting on a social platform and includes review by experts before allowing further dissemination.

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Messages with Half-Life

The frequent, copious, and unchecked dissemination of false scientific and factual information through social media has the potential of greatly undermining many of the genuine, accurate sources of knowledge. Amidst dubious sources, reputable sources are at risk of losing credibility.

A holistic solution is needed to minimize the distribution of inaccurate content over social media. A core objective is to stop rumors and false information from spreading. This solution needs to include pre-emptive message constraining to control the messages. In addition, the solution must consider the volume and scalability aspects that are associated with the social platform.

The novel solution is a method and system for authenticating message veracity and preventing the spread of false information. This is done through the application of natural radioactive phenomena to the realm of information dissemination on a social platform. This is accomplished by attributing to any posting on a social platform a half-life value that controls how quickly it is shared or seen. Experts can review messages and increase or decrease the associated half-life value, thus influencing the spreading of the message (i.e. broad or narrow dissemination).

The formula follows:

M(t) = Mo X ( ½) (t-t0))/h


M(t) = Permissible number of available promotions of a message at any given time t .

Mo =Initial quantity of available promotions of a message.

t0 = Absolute time, deemed as initial time, either at message creation or the time at

which message meta-data was updated.

h = Time taken to half the number of message promotions that can be availed .

The solution provides a unique system and apparatus for authenticating message veracity and preventing the spread of false information. The uniqueness of the system is embedded in the following characteristics:

• Applicability of radioactive half-life decay to message promotion rate
• Message arrest and release: messages exceeding the associated promotion

rate are arrested. Once the half-life curve criteria are satisfied, messages are released and ready for promotion.

• Automatic restart of message promotion: a message requiring review starts promotion again, once the associated half-life curve of availability catches up

• Half-life curve based message review notification: messages attempting to exceed the associated promotion rate assist with the attention management of the expert

• Increased half-life of slightly positive endorsed contentious messages: messages have the associated half-life directly proportional to endorsements


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from experts

For illustration purposes, the following example is used:

Ebola anxiety spread rapidly on social media Wednesday when inaccurate articles and tweets claimed that University of Minnesota infectious disease experts had determined the deadly virus has become airborne - a claim quickly shot down by the University. A [social media] user with th...