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System for designing, curating and maintaining a soundscape of workplace Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240873D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-09
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There is a strong correlation between work productivity and ambient sound. In workplace, people work on different tasks and have different demand on the ambient sounds. Providing a suitable soundscape according to various tasks at work has an positive impact on productivity. This article is to suggest a system that leverages the Internet of Things to design, implement and maintain an optimal soundscape at work.

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System for designing

System for designing, ,, curating and maintaining a soundscape of workplace

curating and maintaining a soundscape of workplace

In our daily work environment, there are noises, no matter it's from the environment or people has strong relationship to people's productivity.  Studies have shown that a moderate level of noise is conducive to creative cognition.

Music can actually increase concentration when it's a task a worker performs on a regular basis.

Suitable ambient sound makes people more productive at work. However, it's difficult to maintain right ambient sound at work. Different people have different tasks at different time.  In order to maintain the suitable ambient sound at work needs a system to react to people's activities and make adjustment dynamically 

Known Solutions:

1. Noise isolation or cancellation 

Current solution to control noise are soundproofing system, in form of foam, cloth, wall.

Drawback: Those soundproofing system is by isolating groups of people from each other and it requires a lot of space.  

 2. White noise or ambient sound generators

There are software applications or sound generators that can imitate the ambient sound.  

Drawback: Different people have different tasks at different time.  No all people want the same ambient sound.  Also, the activities such as discussion, carried out in the workplace are also generating extra noise that are affecting others.  


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Core idea: A system to design an optimal soundscape for work environment in order to create a better, harmonic workplace;  and to re-design the soundscape and suggest actions dynamically based on human activities at work Before we go into the core idea of the invention, let's explain:

What is a soundscape

What is a soundscape? ?

Soundscape, is a combination of sound, consists of 3 components: keynote sound, sound signals and soundmark.  Here's a simplifed diagram showing a soundscape at work:

Each place has its own soundscape, no matter it's natural or curated.


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Our invention is to suggest a systematic approach to create the suitable soundscape at work. The system creates a suitable soundscape at work by the following:

1. The soundscape at work is designed based on people planned activities such as their scheduled meetings and people they are going to meet.

2. The designed soundscape is implemented by arranging work locations of people.

3. Since people may create noises that are unexpected, system maintains the designed soundscape by detecting the sound level/noises in the environment.  

4. When the actual soundscape varies from the designed soundscape, a message will be sent out to people to suggest them the actions to maintain the ambient sounds for their work.


- It provides the suitable ambient sound to improve productivity...