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Hydrate Unblocking Logic Cap (HULC) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240883D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-09
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Subsea production systems often require the use of chemicals to address concerns regarding corrosion, scale, and hydrates. These chemicals are delivered from the host facility to the production well stream through a network of tubes running through umbilicals, distribution units, and flying leads. Although there are valves located on the subsea tree controlling and isolating the chemicals from the production well stream, they can often leak and allow production fluids to migrate back into the chemical injection tubes. If conditions are right, hydrates can form and block the chemical injection tubing. Losing the ability to inject chemicals could lead to corrosion of subsea facilities and significant integrity exposure. A common practice is to dissociate hydrate through depressurization, but this may be difficult in deep water applications due to hydrostatic pressure from the chemical in the tube.

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