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Method to reuse JavaScripts modal dialog located on other website

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240897D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-11
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Web dialog comes from other website usually is hosted by an iframe to avoid javascript conflict. however, the iframe will cause modal dialog becomes modaless. With the solution in the disclosue, a transparent framework is used to isolated javascipt between the websites and the keep dialog still modal.

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Method to reuse JavaScripts modal dialog located on other website

1. The problem

In current web world, the javascript framework is commonly used, such as the dojo and jquery. These framework provided many library an UI widgets for client to use. In many cases, a web page will uses a UI widgets or library from another site directly. It's not a problem if the two sites use same framework and same framework version if the required widgets rely on the said JS framework . Otherwise, the re-use may meet runtime framework conflict. For example, host website uses dojo 1.4 while referred website uses dojo1.8. A solution for the conflict is to isolate the add-on widgets in an iframe. However, it will cause other problems if isolate the

widgets and it's framework in a separate iframe. For example: If the re-used widgets is a modal dialog, the widgets becomes modaless because the iframe and it's parent web page are different pages so that the focus can be switched between the pages .

In this picture, 1) is the web page that will re-use a modal dialog from another website. 2) is a iframe that contains the modal dialog. 3) Is the modal dialog.

The modal dialog is modal only within the iframe, but the focus can be switched between the 2) iframe and 1) the web page. So that the dialog is modaless from the perspective of the 1) web page.

2. The solution

This disclosure described a method to keep modal dialog when re-use it from another website.


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The main method is...