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A method to efficiently organize active applications on operating system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240899D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-11
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The main idea of this disclosure is to organize active applications by project rather than by application name. All active application windows from the same project will be organized together. Users can switch: windows within the same project among different projects. In the same sub-window, user can tab among the active applications in the sub-window and not be affected by other sub-windows or tasks.

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A method to efficiently organize active applications on operating system

In current operating system, the active windows are organised in taskbar by applications. For example, all document editing applications will be put together, all notepad will be put together, etc.. If we want to switch to an active document editing application window we need to click on the document editing application icon in taskbar and select the specific document editing window or we use something like 'TAB' to tab among all active application windows to find it. This is not the way users prefer, especially when there are many active applications and the user is concurrently doing several tasks. For example, write presentations for some event, solve customer problem, organise some activity, etc. Users prefer a better way to organise the active applications which is more efficient.

There is a clear need to make users more efficient.


Lower Cost than Alternatives

Greatly Enhance How People work on multiple projects Usability and Efficiency Enhancement


Alice is working on project management for many projects concurrently - project A, project B.

To manage project A, he need open one code editing window, one web browser, two documents editor, and one data editor.

To manage project B, he need to use the code editing window as well, besides, he needs to open one web browser, one calculator, two document editors and one data editor.

The invention organizes the application windows into two separate projects.

Alice clicks the Hot-Key.

The invention presents the projects to Alice to switch between.

Alice can now easily switch between projects, and find proper window to work on more quickly and efficiently.


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The invention works with any desktop operating system.

When Alice clicks on any application to open a new application window, she should be able to:

- choose any existing project to join

- create an new project

- join the default project, which is currently active. (default)


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The creation of the new project is done via a popup window.

The user is...