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Collaborative GPS System to Avoid Construction and Obstacles

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240921D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-12
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The disclosed invention describes a system and method to collaboratively and intelligently calculate improved routes for mapping applications

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Collaborative GPS System to Avoid Construction and Obstacles

There are many instances when one is using a GPS that the GPS provides directions that are not practical given construction that is taking place. Unfortunately, GPS devices do not have their maps updated frequently enough to reflect construction taking place or other obstructions that can hinder one from taking a prescribed route to a given location. Further, GPS devices do not analyze the actual routes drivers are taking to a given location so that they may infer that an obstruction is not allowing drivers to take suggested routes.

The proposed invention aims to analyze the actual routes to a destination taken by a driver to a given destination and compare them to the routes that were suggested by a GPS that the user was using. The system looks for differences between the actual and suggested routes and aggregates this information amongst users of the GPS service. The system then starts to see trends of deviation from the suggested routes and makes inferences of construction / obstruction. These inferences can prompt the GPS service to make a map update (e.g., the sending out of a Google Street View car) or can provide end users with suggestions based on suspected construction / obstructions (much like GPS devices provide alternate routes based on traffic in the current art).

The proposed invention will work by comparing the route that is suggested by a GPS and comparing that route to the actual route...