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System and Method to suggest Learnings Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240928D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-12
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Disclosed is a technique to suggest next learnings based on the learning history of an employee. The learning history (Personal Learning Record aka PLR) is collected from various internal and external systems including blogs, articles, social sites, Learning management systems etc. The system will apply analytics on this PLR data and decides the Optimum expertize level of a person. Comparing this Optimum expertise level with assessment results, system suggests next learning.

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System and Method to suggest Learnings


One of the common problems that hinders a company growth is the inability to raise the expertise

of an employee or justify it. And in order to overcome this concern, we need a system that could suggest

subsequent learnings. If the system could evaluate the optimum score based on the Personal Learning

Record (aka PLR) data, the system could provide us a superior understanding of the individual's aptitude

by placing the optimum score and the individual score side by side.

2 Proposal

Disclosure proposes the collection of PLR data, analyze it and suggest next learnings so that we

can raise the expertise levels of employees.

• PLR is an integrated system which will interact with internal and external websites and reads the

information available in it.

• Then it processes the information and converts into a Learning record in structured manner.

• The Learning record contains the details about each learning like

o The type of the learning that person took

o Source of the learning.

o The context which motivated to take the learning.

o Information about the learning like any files, videos or e-links.

• A person can also add any personal learnings that he/she has done.(like through book reading )

• The system will apply the analytics on his PLR data and decides the Optimum expertize level of a



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• The system which Processes the PLR -Ratings of a person and optimum expertise level- data