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Smart automatic conference calling for scheduled meetings Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240929D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-12
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Disclosed is a system for making is easier for the end users to be able to join the conference calls for the scheduled meetings automatically using the strong remainder call system and intergration of voice over IP system. Innovation is the integration of this voice over IP, text to voice, meeting, scheduler, remainder and centralized mobile calling mechanism of this complete process by which we could make participant/hosts never misses important meetings. The innovation here is automatic multiple remainders of the conference call to the participants/hosts and on demand. It is both push and pull mechanism instead of normal push mechanism.

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Smart automatic conference calling for scheduled meetings

Many times participants accept the conference calls/scheduled meetings and then are unable to attend it (Participants might have forgotten about it or are busy) and if participants are not connected to the email client or chat system at the time of the conference calls, no strong remainder system is available currently for making it binding for participants/hosts to join calls. Even if participants are in office, they will spend time in searching for the calling numbers, participant code, meeting agenda and other details

just before the calls and are not prepared for these meetings in advanced. Many times participants are too busy to attend the calls as they may engrossed in other important work. The aim is at making it almost impossible for participants to not join Imporatant conference calls unprepared and make sure to have enough time to attend important calls in binding manner.

The main problems being resolved are the following:-
Integration of Meeting scheduler and SUT (Voice over IP calling facility) even when


participants/hosts is not online using centralized server side capabilities for remainder system.

Make life easier for end user participants to not search for calling numbers,


participant code, agenda and other details just before the scheduled meetings and come unprepared for meetings.

Make it easier for scheduled remainder calls multiple times (10-15 minutes


configurable) before the actual meetings.

Call history remembering facility for end users in case they miss the remainder call


to be able to join the meetings remotely.

The meeting scheduler if possible could also optionally send the call in numbers to


end users as SMS so that he could rejoin manually if required.

Using both the pull and the push mechanisms for attending the conference calls.







is busy or unreachable.

The main objective is to do integration of meeting scheduled and voice over IP mechanisms automatically to make remainder and actual meeting calls.

The system will automatically use the meeting invite and the calling number details as hosts or participants along with code to start the meetings and call the users (host/participant) on the registered numbers to join him in conference calls. System will automatically do the remainder calls 10-15 minutes (configurable) before the calls so

Improved productivity

Never missed accepted meetings. Participant has options to override the meeting calendar and set the priority

Facility to have a remainder system in place to help participants come prepared for


Facility to have configurable calling numbers and retry if end user/participants phone


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that participants can come prepared for the calls and also instruct the tool accordingly to

join them to the conference calls.


This could easily be implemented in IBM lotus notes. IBM lotus notes already has the scheduling and IBM SUT mec...