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Emergency alarm system in the absence of power and network connectivity's Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240931D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-12
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An emergency alarm system which can work in the absence of power and network connectivity’s.This is the instrument which can be fixed at public places,apartments or whereever it is required.This alarm is mainly focusing on solar power and electromagnetic waves for power and network generations which is clearly illustarted in (Figure1).

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Emergency alarm system in the absence of power and network connectivity 's

Current Problem: Currently we see an emergency alarm being triggered whenever there is a disaster at the place it is located. This whole system usually works when power and network connectivity's are in place, without which they won't work. At the times of any natural disasters or any other emergencies when the whole power and communication systems are lost this will be a problem.

Proposed Solution: In order to work with the systemin a better way, there is proposed a solution which works without power and network connectivity. below is the detail description of how system works (also illustrated in Figure 1).

· The alarm piece can be fixed in walls or on the roof tops or wherever they are required.

· The main components of emergency alarm which is unique from the existing alarm are stated below:

o It should contain a slot for charging the "Battery".

o It should be charged with the help of solar power for which there will be a small solar panel placed on the roof top and this alarm will be connected to the solar panel.(Please refer to the picture below for the connection between solar panel and alarm).

o It should contain a small chip where in a unique identification number will be present.

o It should also contain an antenna where in it can transmit electromagnetic waves or radio waves when the alarm is triggered.

o Alarm should also contain build in "Amplifier" which amplifies the hig...