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Smarter mechanism to express emotions on Social networking Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240932D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-12
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In social network it is difficult to express emotion as the picture attached to your comments may not be matching with the emotion expressed. In this publication we describe a mechanism that would allow us to have appropiate picture attached to emotions expressed. Further the publication also describes on how to add emotions to post with single click, similar to 'Like' functionality that currently exists.

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Smarter mechanism to express emotions on Social networking

(Part I)In social network the message posted may describe certain emotion such as sadness, happiness, anger, celebration etc, however the picture that goes with the post is the standard profile pic which may not be showing the same emotions that we are writing in message. So we end up writing condolence with happy face or party face which doesn't properly reflect our emotions.

(Part II)Secondly there is just the option to 'Like' a post. In reality there can be different scenario with different emotion attached to it. The 'Like' doesn't reflect the true nature of emotion attached to post. For e.g person posting a pick of broken hand and get 100 likes doesn't really reflect the right emotions surrounded around it.

In this, there is suggested a mechanism where we can store different images related to different emotions. When posting a message on social network we can add emotion stamping option which would then show the relevant picture with the message. The person reading would then see the image that would correspond/relate with the emotion of the message.

Another alternative mechanism is that we use natural language processing, text analysis and identify the emotion automatically from the post and update the image accordingly this would provide a more dynamic approach to the resolution of the described problem. Following are the highlights:

Method to store images with different emotions linked to it.





For image part there are 2 components Emotion identifier and Imag...