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Incorporating Personal Factors for Optimized Transporation Mode Selection Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240945D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-13
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The disclosed invention describes a system and method to create highly customized personal transporation recommendations based on the user's behavior from many device sources

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Incorporating Personal Factors for Optimized Transporation Mode Selection
An increasing number of transportation modes is becoming available , with solutions such as bicycle borrowing , on-demand car rental, improved public transportation, networked carpooling, and so forth. These solutions are also becoming digitally enabled, for example to know exactly when a bus will arrive or to signal the nearest taxi .

The increase in choices creates a new problem : how does someone choose their mode of transportation in a given situation? For example, if a user needs to travel to the store down the road , how should they travel? Walk? Run? Bike? Drive? The answer depends not just on the modes available and the fastest trip , but upon personal impact including factors such as health impact, fitness level, desirability, time, and cost of time.

The disclosed invention describes a system and method to help the user choose the optimal mode of transportation , taking into account their personal factors at that moment in time .

State of this art in this area relates mainly to map applications providing transportation choices , or applications integrating precise timing of the transportation modes . Transportation optimization systems do exist , for example systems to find the lowest-cost to ship goods using multiple transportation modes . However these solutions do not take into account personal factors, such as ability and willingness to jog vs . walk. Also these systems do not take into account real-time fluctuation of a person's time.

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Main system steps:

System integrates personal data and goals from personal devices , such as Fitbit and Smartphone usage data System incorporates configured personal factors such as value of time , health goals System incorporates point-in-time factors such as location (office, home), destination flexibility System identifies available modes of transportation (leveraging art)

System incorporates factors that affect the value of a person 's time, such as work hours and idle time System identifies optimal mode or modes of transportation given all personal factors and available options System optionall...