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Ability to Create a Batch of Jobs by Number of Pages Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240958D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-13
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Ability to Create a Batch of Jobs by Number of Pages

Authors: Marquis Waller, Brian Moroney, Linda Liebelt Date: 3/31/15

A program is disclosed that allows users to setup their receiving mechanism in a system to batch incoming files up to a certain number of pages. This program also allows users to determine when the threshold is reached how the file that exceeds the threshold is batched.

This program works by looking at two properties the user sets on the receiving mechanism of the system. The first property is the setting of the number of pages a batch should contain. This is a threshold limit. As files come into the receiving mechanism the pages in those files are counted. As each file is received, its number of pages is added to the growing total from other files in the receiving mechanism. When a file comes in that makes the total number of pages equal to the number of pages threshold set, all files in the receiving mechanism are submitted to the system as a batch of files. In the likely case that all of the files' total pages will not equal the exact amount, a second property of the receiving mechanism will be used. This property indicates how the batch should be handled when the first file comes into the receiving mechanism that pushed the total number of pages over the threshold set. If the property indicates (set to Yes) that the file that pushes the total number of pages above the threshold should be included in the batch, all files making the total, i...