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Ability to Group or Ungroup a Batch of Files Into a Workflow (User Selectable) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240959D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-13
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Ability to Group or Ungroup a Batch of Files Into a Workflow (User Selectable)

Authors: Marquis Waller, DR Palmer, Linda Liebelt

Date: 3/31/15

A program is disclosed that allows for users to indicate the way they want all of the files in a batch to be grouped. They can choose to group the files as one job or allow each file to create a separate (but related) job in the system. The advantage of this invention is it allows the user to pick how the batch of files should come into the system. They are not forced into using one option.

The program works in the following way. There is a property on the object that receives the multiple files. In many systems this object is called a Hot Folder. When this property is set to Yes and a batch of files is determined ready to be submitted to the system, all of the data files for this batch are zipped together and sent into the system as one job. This zip file can then be acted on in various ways. The zip file may be taken and unzipped with the data files merged together to create one job, or the zip file can be passed to another program in the workflow as a single job. Grouping the files as one job allows the user to have a single point of control and avoids issues that can be seen with lots of small jobs in the printing world (keeping the printer fed with data so it doesn't stop or slow down between jobs or ensuring that the subset jobs print in the order intended). If the attribute is set to No, each file creates a child j...