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Depicting Default Workflows in a Graphical User Interface Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240960D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-13
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Depicting Default Workflows in a Graphical User Interface

Authors: Janeen Jahn, Kumar Kadiyala, Jerry Boldt, Michael Raines, Patrick Smyth, Paul Hamilton
Date: March 13, 2015

Disclosed is a system for graphically depicting default workflows within a workflow processing product. The workflows are presented in a hierarchical structure that is linked by means of coloring or other graphical means.

A workflow, as described in this system, contains phases. Each phase can contain zero or more steps. A job progresses through the steps in the workflow assuming that each previous step is successfully executed.

In a typical embodiment, a print shop with multiple printers and finishing devices has multiple types of jobs to process. Each type of job requires a different set of steps that need to be performed. A workflow product is used to define the steps required for each type of job processing.

In the disclosed system, a set of default workflows and a set of default steps are displayed in a graphical manner. A workflow can be modified by adding new steps or deleting existing steps.

Using a graphical user interface (GUI), a workflow is modified by dragging and dropping steps into appropriate phases within the workflow. It is not always obvious how to construct a valid workflow by adding or deleting the supplied types of steps. It is frustrating to drop a step in a phase, attempt to save it and then find out that the step cannot be placed in that phase.

This disclosure descri...