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Import and Export of a Customized View Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240961D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-13
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Import and Export of a Customized View

Authors: Marquis Waller, Linda Liebelt, Scott Ziegler


Authorized users can arrange the various subwindows of the GUI to their liking, and save a named public view that becomes instantly available for use by other users of the application on the same server. The saved view can also be exported from one server to another so that users on another system can use the same view.

When you use an application you have a way of doing things, a way you like the application to look so you can access items quickly and efficiently. Many products allow you to customize the view you see in a product. Opening up different windows, selecting which functions appear on toolbars, etc. These adaptations are great for a single user. But what if you have a large set of users that you want to be able to give a view or set of views so that the same views can be used by several users? As an administrator, you may want to create a view that has been perfected by someone using the application for awhile or a view that makes it difficult for a class of users (3rd shift operators, for example) from doing destructive actions. Standardizing this view across the users or a subset of users in your enterprise can be a very manual, sometimes time-consuming task depending on how many users want the same view.

The core idea behind this invention is that you can create a customized view in a product, moving subwindows around, adding or removing columns fr...