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Play a customized sound while people calling you in a multi-party chat in instant message Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240968D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-16
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Social chat tool is becoming more and more important in life and work. Especially in most companies, social chat tool is very important communication way in virtual team. Virtual team used to set up chat group by social chat tool to discuss tech issues or make some business decisions, but most time you don't need pay attention to that chat group every minute since you need work on other activity in the same time or not all the questions coming to you in that chat group, maybe you just need to reply a few specfic questions. Probelm is you don't know when you need respond since not all the conversation happening in the chat group need your action unless you pay attention to that chat group in every minute. This article is about to make you aware people is calling you in the chat group so that you don't need pay attention to that chat group all the time and could work on other activity in parallel. That will really help you to increae your work efficiency.

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Play a customized sound while people calling you in a multi

Play a customized sound while people calling you in a multi-

Problem : In some time, you will mostly encounter the scenario like you are invited into a multi-party chat in a chat tool and you also need foucs on other work at the same time. There's no obvious alert when people is shooting message to you in the multi-party chat and they expect your answer.So you may not response in time.

Solution : Add one more event in notification for mutli-party chat in chat tool and you need define alert word "@name" for it as well. This event rule will monitor & catch if people texting you by starting "@name" in multi-party chat. Your computer will play a customized sound when people are trying to reach you by typing "@name,xxxxx."in the multi-part chart. In this way, you don't need worry about response delay or check the multi-part chat from time to time to see if somebody texting you.

The core idea is to develop a new event rule in Notifications which will monitor and catch the word you define in it for multi -party chat. eg ., @name. While people typing "@name, XXXX"in multi-party chat window, the rule will catch @nameand play the customized sound so that you can be aware people are finding you in chat group and you can response it in time.

1. Add user interface for this new rule in instant message under Nofification.


--party chat in instant message

party chat in instant message

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2. Add the user inte...