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Method to Automatically Locate and Associate Asset/CI records to SR/Incident Record in SCCD Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240974D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-16
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A system and method to associate a Service Request (SR) or Incident record with an Asset or CI (Configuration Item) record automatically when a SR/Incident record is created is disclosed.

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Method to Automatically Locate and Associate Asset /

Record in SCCD

Disclosed is a system and method to automatically locate and associate asset or configuration item (CI) records to service request (SR) or incident record in a SmartCloud Control Desk (SCCD),

The SmartCloud Control Desk (SCCD) and Netcool/Omnibus integration is part of Netcool/Omnibus product. Omnibus can automatically create a Service Request (SR) or Incident record in SCCD system when the Omnibus system receives an alert event. However, the SR/Incident record does not have any asset or configuration item (CI) information associated with it, so no action can be taken to address the issue. Service desk agent has to look in both systems in order to find the correct Asset/CI record for the SR/Incident record in order to take appropriate action. This manual process is time consuming. Netcool/Omnibus is just an example. The provided method can be applied to any products that interface with SCCD. The corresponding Asset/CI record can be automatically located and assigned to the new SR/Incident record when it's created by the SCCD/Omnibus integration.

Better system automation can be achieved if the corresponding Asset/CI record is located and assigned to the new SR/Incident record when it's created by SCCD/Omnibus integration. For example, when a server runs in a low disk condition, an alert is sent to Netcool/Omnibus. The SCCD/Omnibus integration creates an Incident record in SCCD system. If the CI information is available as part of the Incident record, the SCCD system automation can create a Change Work Order for allocating additional disk space to the machine. The Change Work Order can be automatically assigned to proper team for manual execution. Alternatively, when the integration with a provision system is available, the Change Work Order can also be carried out automatically by SCCD issuing proper command to the provision system. With the full system automation, after additional disk space is allocated to the machine by the provision system, SCCD system can update the status of the Change Work Order and Incident record, and update CI properties in the Change and Configuration Management Database (CCMDB) component of SCCD system.

Automatically locating and assigning the corresponding Asset/CI record to the new

SR/Incident record moves the IT system automation one step further to the ultimate objective.

With this association, the information technology (IT) process is automated beyond just opening SCCD ticket from an Omnibus event, by facilitating rich SCCD features such as change management, IT asset management and CCMDB.

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