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Crowdsourced Development Empowered by Auto-Provisioned Cloud Computing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240988D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-16
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Disclosed is a method to simplify and accelerate the process for customized virtual machine (VM) configuration for software development work engaged via crowdsourcing. The core idea is to automatically propose and dynamically build an appropriate work environment in the cloud for a specific crowdsourcing task.

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Crowdsourced Development Empowered by Auto -Provisioned Cloud Computing

The practice of crowdsourcing software development is quickly emerging as a key approach to reducing development costs for many corporations. It is an open call for participation in any development assignment including documentation, software design, graphic design, coding, and testing. These tasks are typically performed in a development environment tailored to the various technologies needed for a larger application. In many cases, the projects require specific development tools, servers, and middleware along with large amounts of memory, disk space, and processing power.

A common solution to providing a processing environment tailored to a specific development task is to employ the cloud computing model, which involves building a virtual machine (VM) and allowing the developer participating in the crowdsourced development effort to perform the relevant task on the VM. Once the work is complete, the development team can decommission the VM. A qualified individual typically performs the building, configuration, and provisioning of the VM as separate tasks to fit the needs of the particular crowdsourced assignment. This can be a time consuming activity because it requires manual configuration of the VM in order to customize it for each crowdsourcing development task. It can also result in wasted effort to manually build and configure redundant VMs for similar development tasks.

A method is needed to simplify and accelerate the process for customized VM configurations.

The novel solution automatically determines the system requirements of a VM based on the needs of a particular crowdsourcing task, and then dynamically builds and provisions the VM at the appropriate time for the developer to start working on the assignment. The core idea is to automatically determine the system requirements of a cloud VM based on the needs of a particular crowdsourcing task so that it can be dynamically built and provisioned in a timely manner. This disclosure leverages the documented technical requirements for supported middleware and similar historical VM configurations to propose a custom configuration for any given crowdsourced assignment. It does not disclose any new technical approaches for the provisioning of the virtual machine itself.

The core idea is to make the process of crowdsourcing software development easier and more efficient by automatically proposing and dynamically building an appropriate work environment in the cloud for a specific crowdsourcing task.

The components and process for crowdsourced development empowered by auto-provisioned cloud computing follow:

1. Enter work assignment characteristics. The user initiating the call for participation provides input to the crowdsourcing system related to the specifics of the work assignment. The user selects an assignment type and technologies to be used on the assignment.


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