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Method and System for Provisioning Data Privacy Seclusion in a Global Integrated Solution Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240991D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-16
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A method and system is disclosed for provisioning data privacy seclusion in a global integrated solution.

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Method and System for Provisioning Data Privacy Seclusion in a Global Integrated Solution

Currently, recommendations by corporate communities involve replicating data privacy system in each geographical region. The replicating approach does not support a global process strategy. Personal information of corporate clients can only be stored and processed within the confines of a country or region to comply with local data privacy laws. IT business transformation projects aim to simplify the company 's IT environment is built on an assumption that the company wide Opportunity -to-Order (O2O) and Order-to-Cash (O2C) business processes run off a single server working

with customer and contact information hosted at a centralized location . The process of providing one view and one process for each and every employees is required regardless of the location.

Disclosed is a method and system for provisioning data privacy seclusion in a global integrated solution. The data privacy architecture utilizes centralized business process to work off geographically dispersed personal information .

The method and system involves designing a reference architecture that provides a reusable template of components that has a small footprint , interfaces with a choice of output channel devices and performs document personalization and archival . The data privacy subsystem which was a realization of the reference architecture supported the same features of an output management system . The architecture intercepts documents bound for output channel in real time , personalizes the document with locally available personal data, stores it in an archive repository and forwards the data to the target output channel device. The reference architecture provides a well-defined interface, supporting industry standard protocols, decoupled from existing IT business transformation projects. The method and system is backed by a detailed audit mechanism that logs transactions traversing multiple middleware components with a unique transaction ID which significantly accelerates the error recovery process. The architecture leverages the IT business transformation project security features to provide seamless access for entitled users to manage the privacy related personal information. The method and system leverages existing customer relationship management (CRM) web user interface to manage personal information of privacy related customers.

Fig. 1 illustrates the architecture of centralized corporate enterprise resource planning (ERP)/CRM infrastructure.


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Figure 1

In an implementation, ERP and customer relationship management (CRM) software is a set of enterprise software module to be in compliance with county or regional data privacy laws by providing a layer of automation for the local processing of privacy data . The data privacy local solution as illustrated is a set of integrated software components based on industry standards that transparently enable...