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Personalized Shower head Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240992D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-16
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Disclosed is a system that identifies a user using weight distrubition sensors and based on their identity, provides custom settings in the bathroom shower. Configurable shower parameters include water temperature, pressure, flow rate, shower angle and wash cycles. The customization of shower parameters are granular and can be varied during various parts of the shower.

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Personalized Shower head

Disclosed is a system to provide a personal customized shower for a user based on identifying the user from their weight distribution. Sensors on the floor of the shower use weight distributions of the user's feet and the size of their feet to identify a person. The predicted identity is used to map the user to their custom profile which has their shower preferences.


- Shower floor has a weight distribution analyzing sensor

- Users store personalized shower settings in a database. Settings that can be set include: a) Water Temperature

b) Water Pressure

c) Angle of shower head

d) Rate of water flow

e) Blow Dry cycle duration

f) Seasonal variations for the above settings

g) Variations in water settings when applying shampoo or conditioner.

- Shower head has access to the shower profile database and is capable of adjusting shower attributes like water temperature, pressure, rate of flow of water and angle of shower head.


1. When User A steps onto the sensor on the floor of the shower:

a) Predict the identity of User A based on the weight distribution and other characteristics of their footsteps. If the identity of the person can be determined:
i) Map User A to their shower profile.

ii) If the user has multiple shower profiles, use seasonal calendar to narrow down the profile to use.

else if the identity of the person cannot be determined, set up a new profile for the user by:


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i) Recording their weight, feet size...