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Light-weight simulator for mobile development on z/OS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240997D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-17
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This article describes a simulator for use with testing mobile applications that connect to legacy systems and software through a gateway on z/OS.

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Light-weight simulator for mobile development on z/OS

Disclosed is a piece of software for simulating behaviors of traditional z/OS back-end subsystems, in the context of rapid development of mobile applications. This piece of software helps solving the problem of setting up a complete back-end system, including middlewares on z/OS, which is a time-consuming task and can be the source of errors and dysfunctions. In the context of mobile development and short life cycle of applications, installing and configuration the back-end subsystems can be perceived as a waste of time : without this facility, a mobile application developer who wants to test and debug its application needs a full z/OS environment which takes several days or weeks, this is typically the problem is agile development strategy and short development cycles.

    The main purpose of this invention is to provide a light-weight simulator that would behaves like legacy systems and software by handling requests from mobile applications and replying with pre-defined responses. The advantage would be the easy set-up of the solution compared to existing complex legacy systems and the rapidity brought to the developer to test and debug its mobile applications.

    This simulator works in conjunction with a gateway between mobile applications and back end legacy systems and software running on z/OS. The developer willing to use this simulator would just set-up the connection to an existing gateway and configure the...