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Dynamic colour change in combs based on length settings Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241019D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-19
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Different hair lengths need varying comb length settings. This is done either by switching combs or adjusting the position of the comb with respect to the cutting element, e.g. by a slider. Both approaches are widely available on the marketplace.

For the exchangeable comb approach is was considered that it might be helpful to the user to present combs for different length settings with different colors. This is implemented by e.g. Wahl as can be seen on the below picture.

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Implementation for adjusting comb approach

When changing the comb position with respect to the cutting element to create diffent length setting the same comb is used for various length settings. In order offer the same link between color of the comb and hair length setting the following is proposed.

Combs to be made from transparent or semi-transparent plastic. A multi-color LED or a set of LEDs of different colors is provided to generate light of various colors depending on the actual length setting. This colored light is coupled into the comb / light guide of the comb such that the comb is lit by the generated light.