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Non-Partisan Approach to Recruitment & Performance Reviews Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241033D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-20
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Disclosed in this article is a system that reviews and determines whether or not partiality has affected the recruitment of a new candidate or a term appraisal of an existing employee. Partiality could be motivated by relationship (friend/family), caste, religion, ethnicity, age, gender etc.

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Non-Partisan Approach to Recruitment & Performance Reviews

When favoritism/prejudice is the basis of the recruitment of an employee, there is a possibility that the productivity is impacted, employee morale is dampened. When such occurrences are allowed, the organization's culture gets deteriorated and growth is hampered.


Currently there are no proven means or metrics available to find out if a manager's decision was motivated by unfair means of partiality rather than on merit or performance. If the decision was based on favoritism, there is no way to measure the degree of favoritism that derailed the decision from the path of integrity.


This brings into light, the need for a mechanism to proactively capture key attributes that help in identifying prejudice at the time of job offer and during the annual performance reviews. The mechanism may be customized to suit the company and its HR policies.

Inputs for this system come from all candidates that have applied for vacant positions in the company and those that are identified as successful candidates for various jobs. Various inputs required for the system such as the following are collected:

 Relationship (in the company : one-level or two-levels up in the hierarchy)

 Relationship (family and spouses)

 Education History (to determine if an employee and candidate are acquaintances)

 Previous employment History

 Address (Permanent and Present)

 Previous Performance r...