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Alerting A User Regarding A Correct Key To A Door Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241048D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-23
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A method and system is disclosed for alerting a user regarding a correct key to a door. The method and system lights-up the correct key from a key-set based on proximity of the key-set from the door.

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Alerting A User Regarding A Correct Key To A Door

Typically, a user may use a set of similar keys of same shape and design in a key set to unlock different doors at home. There can be difficulty for the user to distinguish a key assigned to a door. A trial and error approach may be used to identify the correct key. To avoid a trial and error approach, the user may opt to use a single key for all the doors at home which can lead to security risks or inconvenience.

Disclosed is a method and system for identifying a correct key from a key set based on proximity of the key to a door.

In an embodiment of the present invention, the method and system lights up the correct key by using a door proximity device on the door. The door proximity device includes a proximity sensor such as an inductive proximity sensor. The proximity sensor generates an output signal or an electrical signal to light up the key when the user brings the key into a sensing area from any direction. Based on the lit key, the user can identify the correct key without a trial and error approach. In addition, the lit key is easily visible to the user in low light conditions. When one key is lost, the user can still enter the premises of the home through multiple entries using different doors and respective keys of the different doors.

Thus, the disclosed method and system enables a user to distinguish a particular key assigned to a particular door. The correct key to the door lights up when the user m...