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Allowing Maximal Online Usage Of Gift Cards Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241062D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-24
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A method and system is disclosed for allowing maximal online usage of gift cards.

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Allowing Maximal Online Usage Of Gift Cards

E-commerce allows purchasing of products displayed on websites by manually selecting desired products. Products are paid for by financial information stored on a

website server and subsequently products are shipped to user preferred locations.

Herein disclosed is a service that stores information related to a user's gift card(s) that automatically selects an appropriate product that matches with a complete value of the user's gift card(s), or at least a nearly complete value. The disclosed method and system enables maximal online usage of gift card spending by analyzing a set of inputs such as, but not limited to, the user's product wish list, registries, browsing history, and validated amount available to spend.

In accordance with the method and system, a user is allowed to enter all details related to a gift card(s). Details related to the gift card(s) may include card number, total money value, card expiry date and type of the card. All the details stored are continuously monitored and matched with various products that are available for sale on various websites. When a match is determined, the method and system automatically selects one or more products and processes the payment without requiring any user intervention.

Products selected are based on one or more source(s) such as, but not limited to, products in shopping cart, stored wish list, surprise product(s) from shopping cart, and product(s) from any gift reg...