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A method of tracking file generation and evolution Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241107D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-27
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This article presents a method and system of tracking files which are copied even cross system/commupters/network. File evoluation tree can be generated and it's convenient for users to track file evoluation, who copied the file, who changed etc.

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A method of tracking file generation and evolution

The coming of an era of big data is already inevitable. The data was generated, evolved and transferred more frequently than before. However, some information are quite sensitive and important, it is very necessary to track its evolution and transition.

Nowadays, there are some techniques to manage information and track the access of information. But if information is copied or transferred via ftp or email attachment, the copy of information is losing connection with its original. It is hard to know where information comes from, or who made what kind of operation on information. In some cases, these are important to know whether compliance is obeyed.

We disclose a method or system to track the evolution and transition of a given information. When information is created, the originator can define whether information needs to be tracked. If so, one call-back function is registered in the newly created information. Once information is touched, all necessary metadata is added into this information as an alternative stream. The metadata includes a) version
b) operator c) taken action d) date e) address f) other customized metadata. The metadata is accumulated in the information and can be analyzed and composed into one version tree. In addition, these metadata can be synchronized to creator of information for tracking.

The advantage of invention

- Information can be tracked, no matter it is copied or transferred
- The transition tree can be composed using metadata in information
- Creator of information can track the evolution of information

System architecture chart as below, figure 1. Multiple data stream of files is leveraged in this method. The content of host file is in main stream to kee...