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A method to improve locating images in sprite file Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241133D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-30
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This idea is to reduce the maintenance of css information by giving and using identified tag for each of images in sprite image file instead of directly using the position and size of them.

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A method to improve locating images in sprite file

Nowadays, almost all applications are rich applications. Images are utilized to glorify applications.

In original web app development, we directly use image file path in css to include images in web page. And then, in order to reduce http request of images, technology of CSS Image Sprite is widely used, mechanism of which is that all images used in application will be generated as one whole image, and use background-position to locate one detail image.

But during development process, image files are changed so frequently, and then sprite image need to be updated, and all background-position are changed to new value, which will take extra effort for developer to update their image using in css file. Also, background-position of sprite image is hard to certain without tool's help.

Our idea target to use tag to retrieve metadata of sprite image and then locate detailed icon/image. Developer can directly use tag in css file to fetch desired image/icon.

This patent introduces a method to improve and simplify CSS that is using Image Sprite technique to locate images/icons in a whole sprite image in application. It discards using absolute background-position to locate required image in CSS. Instead, it's changed to specify a unique id. The advantages are: a) more readable position info in CSS b) no needs to change CSS when there is any change to the whole sprite image.


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In old solution, the image's positi...