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System and methods to assist user in better quota management of Personal Information Management system.

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241142D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-31
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Email application has become the key attribute to a business success. Along with stupendous support, email applications comes with the hindrances which individual has to cater to. One of the hindrance is the QUOTA management. Today, there are numerous ways mentioned which allow the user to manage users quota. But, still there are certain improvements needed to assist any individual to quickly determine and take actions on the documents to manage users quota so as to improve productivity. Proposal is to implement certain unique ways with which the user can quickly take actions on reducing users email quota without spending much time on detecting which document(s) when archived / deleted would bring down users email quota size.

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System and methods to assist user in better quota management of Personal Information Management system .

Disclosed below is a solution for better quota management. Archiving is a normal practice of cleanup/backing up mail file from the server, in order to remain within the mail quota limit. But archiving could become a pain point if the mail file has exceeded the allowed limit and to correct this, the system asks the user to perform mail cleanup without which the the user will not be allowed to send and receive emails. This is more irritating when the user has an email which needs to be acted upon immediately and that cannot be done without first archiving the mails from the server. This situation is faced by almost all users who are dealing with Personal Information Management systems.

What's the solution? Scheduling the Archive? But, this is not the technique which every user understands and has that much time to understand and then work on it. Many users are seen just dealing with sending and receiving emails. They do not care what is happening inside the system.

Proposed solution describes different ways to make the user aware to take action to cleanup/backup the mail box without a need to understand what the quota threshold or quota full means.

1. To provide a set of minimum number of emails, which on removing from the mail file will bring email file below the quota threshold limit. This set of emails can be identified based on different parameters like size or timestamp.

2. These set of emails / documents will be made evident to the user by selecting them in the mail file and displaying the size of this selected set in a UI indicator. This set can be further modified by explicit user selections which would also update the displayed size in the UI indicator.

3. Proposal is to provide a UI indicator in each application (mail, calendar, contacts) which will assist user in understanding the current consumed space by that application alone.

4. Once the threshold is reached. a UI indicator will be shown for the quota consumed by each folder within a particular application. For the folder(s) consuming the maximum quota, the UI indicator would glow or blink to make it very prominent to grab user's attention. The folder list consuming maximum quota can be shown at the start of the folder list arranged in descending order based on the folders quota size.

User Cases:


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1. Today, numerous times the mail quota reaches the threshold and user has to spend a lot of time in cleaning the mails, reaching within the quota limit and then continuing with users work. There does not exist a way / method today which will notify a user about the bare minimum document list on clearing which, the user can reach within the quota threshold limit.

Following can be the solutions:
-- As per user preference automatically sort users mails in descending order of "size or timestamp".
-- Compute the size of users mail file which is above the threshol...