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Automated Trailer Parameter Gathering from Internet Cloud with Smartphone Application Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241158D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-31
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Automated Trailer Parameter Gathering from Internet Cloud with Smartphone Application


Drivers who tow trailers can benefit by adapting the tow vehicle control settings and warning mechanisms appropriate to the trailer size and weight. The driver needs to obtain or estimate the trailer parameters before entering them into the tow vehicle control system or make adjustments to it appropriate to the specific trailer. Obtaining trailer parameters might involve measuring for example length, width, height, and weight. Alternatively, the driver might need to track down the trailer purchase specification to obtain this information. Additionally, in the situation that the driver hauls several trailers or uses various tow vehicles, each combination requires repeatedly obtaining trailer parameters and updating them for best operation of each tow vehicle with each trailer.


Quick Response (QR) codes are an established protocol that is a two dimensional extension of barcode that can be encoded with various data. These can be interpreted by an electronic camera and decoded to recover the data, often by a smartphone device with wireless internet connectivity. In the described situation above, first a smartphone camera could view a QR sticker permanently attached to

the trailer and decode a unique trailer identifier, such as a serial number. Second, the application can wirelessly contact the trailer company or a trailer industry group database on the internet to...