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Augmented Reality Liquid Volume Measurement Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241164D
Publication Date: 2015-Mar-31
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The invention strives to use augmented reality to provide liquid volume measurements.

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Augmented Reality Liquid Volume Measurement No one can carry a measuring cup (Figure

                       Figure 111) everywhere they go. What if they could make liquid measurements away from home and for any cup or glass?

Figure 1

11... Standard Measuring Cup

Standard Measuring Cup

The novel idea is to use augmented reality functionality on a smartphone to make volume measurements on any cup or glass outside of home. A user can extract a measurable quantity without having the advantage of tools for getting volume. The measurements can be in cups, ounces, or liters. The user will need to measure the cup's top and bottom diameters and height to get an accurate volume measurement of the material in the container.


Prior art for making measurements are confined to measuring volume for rectangular/square structures. The glass/cups (containers) themselves do not have any hash markings that define volume or any other indicators.


The measurements cannot be made for water bottles or cups/glasses in shapes that do not have a diameter.


A system comprising: -smartphone
-augmented reality software -container for liquid

A method comprising:
-Measuring the height, top diameter, and bottom diameter of container in inches -An equation to calculate the volume from the known measurements
-Showing hash markings through augmented reality of the liquid volume in cups/pints/ounces


First, the smartphone captures the target cup/glass with its camera.

Next, input the attrib...