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Persistence of vision display for storage system using drive status LEDs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241189D
Publication Date: 2015-Apr-02
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A system for displaying hardware diagnostic information via an 2d array of LEDs and persistence of vision.

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Persistence of vision display for storage system using drive status LEDs

Certain models of computer server hardware include LED text displays which can be used to display identifying or error information. This user friendly display comes at extra cost compared to a system without such a display. This disclosure details a method whereby existing status lights on a system can be used to display important information to a user.

    The exemplar case is that of a storage system, in which each disk or solid state drive in a drive array contains a drive activity or status LED. When the system is in an error state, or when commanded by a user, the drive LEDs are driven via software to flash in specific frequencies so that when a user either turns their head or scans their eyes across the scene, a set of characters are displayed via a persistence of vision effect . This effect is produced by switching the led to display one spatial portion of the required image within a short space of time (on the order of milliseconds). As the eyes or head are moved, the image persists upon the retina for approximately 1/16th of a second, and therefore the effect is to see the complete image for a short time.

    This solution can be implemented for a low-cost, either in hardware, software or some combination thereof.