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System to Provide the Context Information for a New Initiated Communication Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241194D
Publication Date: 2015-Apr-02
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Disclosed is a system applicable to electronic chat conversations that automatically identifies and includes relevant information from past strings to provide context for the current/new conversation.

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System to Provide the Context Information for a New Initiated Communication

To facilitate and expedite smooth chat communication, in which one participant does not have to explain to another the context, background, or history of the message, a system is needed to automatically provide relevant information to the recipient of a chat request.

This type of solution is also needed for a support process in which a particular Problem Management Record (PMR) visits multiple support teams, with each team providing

input based on a separate analysis of the problem. Currently, each team has to go through all the problem data that is available in the PMR. This is a tedious task, often requiring support teams to view repetitive or irrelevant information entered by other reviewers.

Consider the below example, involving Users A, B, and C.

Conversation 1

User A - Hi B, I am looking for the main appliance details. Can you please provide me the details for the main appliance details?

User B - Hi A, I do not have the main appliance details. However, I think you can get it from C. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

In the above communication, User A wants some information from User B; however, User B does not have that information and suggests User A to check with User C.

Conversation 2

User A - Hi C, Can you please send me the details of main appliance?

User C - Hi A, Can you tell me how you got my reference? I do not have the appliance details.

User A - I got your reference from B.

User C - Yes, I do handle the appliances for B's team. I will send the main appliance details to you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

It can be seen from the above example; the context of the communication was


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manually conveyed by A to User C. Here, the context was the information User A received from User B regarding the main appliance details with User C. User A had to repeat the discussion with user B in order to give context to User C, in order to get the right answer or the information needed.

The novel contribution is a system that provides the person/team with the context in

which the communication has been initiated. The system analyzes the most recent chats from the initiator and collects information that is relevant to the subject being discussed. The system can be us...