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Bluetooth Metal Detector Shoe Insoles With App Notifications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241205D
Publication Date: 2015-Apr-03
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Disclosed is a design for metal detecting shoes that implements wireless technology to communicate to the user when the insole metal detectors identify the presence of metal under the wearer’s feet.

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Bluetooth Metal Detector Shoe Insoles With App Notifications

There have been various implementations of shoes or footwear devices with metal detecting capability, but none is completely practical, having bulky hardware and limited

wireless capabilities.

The device disclosed herein leverages technology to improve the design of metal detecting shoes. A patent for smart and intelligent shoe insoles [1] puts a temperature sensor (as well as other sensors) into a shoe insole and uses Bluetooth* technology for

wireless connection to another device that processes the data. This technology may be

applied to metal detecting sensors to provide cleaner, more practical metal detecting footwear. Additionally, similar to existing technology [2], the notification may be external to the disclosed device, so that an audible notification does not disrupt the environment or a visual notification is not lost.

The disclosed device utilizes new technology to place the necessary hardware within a shoe insole, which may be used in nearly any pair of shoes. The insole has a metal detecting sensor, which detects metal underfoot within a certain range. It then

continuously transmits the data via Bluetooth to another device, such as a smart phone or tablet.

An application within the device translates this data. The application has two different

notification options. The first option is a both visual and audible active interface, much akin to a traditional metal detector. It visually shows the reading of metal on the screen, as well as produces an audible tone that changes in pitch based on the metal content, also similar to a traditional metal detector. The application also has a passive notification mode. In this mode, the user sets a threshold reading level to trigger notification. The insole continues to take readings and send the data to the processing device...