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System to provide warning of impending danger when sensory perception is limited Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241216D
Publication Date: 2015-Apr-06
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Disclosed is a system to provide warnings of impending danger when sensory perception is limited or reduced.

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System to provide warning of impending danger when sensory perception is limited

Problem Area Background :


Operating certain kinds of machinery can be hazardous if the proper safety devices are not used. For instance someone using a welding system, leaf blower, chain saws, pile drivers and other air/hydraulic driven tools are efficient in their tasks , but the generate enough noise that the user can't hear while using them. The safety measures used to prevent ear damage(i.e. ear plugs/protection or eye damage(welding mask), while effective for protecting sensory organs, further reduce the operators awareness of their surroundings.

If an impending dangerous external event(not related to operating the specific tool) occurs while operating these tools and wearing these devices you are less likely to be aware of the danger and move to safety.

Standard warning devices like beeping or flashing lights on factory vehicles are used so commonly that a worker can ignore them and continue their current task. They become used to the beeping and warning lights after being exposed to them day after day. These warnings do not prevent them from doing their immediate task unless they decide to stop and look at the impending dangers...assuming they are aware of the warning.

Most factory environments are heavily production goal based, so workers assume they won't be hurt and take calculate risks that the work environment is safe and continue toward finishing their task/making their production quota.

Core Idea :


Disclosed is the following system -

1)A tool(electric, hydraulic, gas, air powered..etc) and safety device(i.e. eye, ear, head protection..etc..) have sensors that look for impending dangers within a work zone
a)Each operator/worker is using a safety device and tool.

b)The safety device and tool form a zone of protection looking for impending dangers to the operator.

c)Examples of impending dangers could be :

- fast moving vehicles approaching

- crane arm with heavy payload, crane with unsafe arc of payload

- forklifts with protruding payloads, etc
2)If an impending danger is approaching operator the sensor on the tool detects it and warns the operator(i.e. shuts down the tool).

In the case where the tools sensor does not see the danger, but the safety device does(i.e. headphone, hard hat) then the safety device communicates with the tool the impending danger.

3)The tools response to danger is to shut down operation or slow operation of the tool to force the operator to take the warning seriously
4)Additionally a warning could be sent to the safety device (vibrating headphones or flashing light inside welding mask), along with shutting down the tool.

The safety device and tool form an adhoc network(connected zones) with other safety devices/tools to provide a larger cone of safety and earlier warnings for several workers


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based on proximity.