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Fullspade rudderpod

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241245D
Publication Date: 2015-Apr-08
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There is provided a fullspade rudder, and to the bottom of the rudder there is a arranged a propulsion unit (pod). One or more of the following may be arranged through the rudder: cabling, piping, cooling and entry to the pod. The solution may be applied with a pod having two contra-rotating propellers, for instance.

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The disclosure relates to vessels/ships, specifically to a propulsion and steering arrangement for a vessel.

In some known arrangements, there is provided a so called "semi-spade" rudder, or a "horn rudder". In this kind of rudder, the rotation of the rudder is arranged about a vertical axis, and the axis of rotation is behind the front edge of the rudder. The thruster is located in front of the rudder.

In another known arrangement, there is provided a full-spade rudder, which has a neck part and a rotatable rudder blade, whereby the rotation of the rudder is arranged about a horizontal axis. One example of such a rudder is the design of Becker Marine System's KSR (King Support Rudder) type. In this model, the trunk is extended into the rudder blade so that the lower neck bearing is positioned at least substantially to the vertical centre of pressure of the rudder. Also here the thruster in provided in front of the rudder.

In this disclosure there is mainly proposed a full-spade rudderpod, where the propulsion arrangement is arranged to the rudder, preferably to the bottom of the rudder. This is highlighted in the attached Figure 1.

In addition to the fullspade rudder, the rudderpod concept can alternatively be applied to a semi-spade rudder. However, with semi-spade Rudderpod, more wetted surface is needed to get same steering force compared with full-spade Rudderpod. Decreased wetted surface increases efficiency. Also de-assembly and overhaul of the Rudderpod is easier in full-spade concept.

The proposed full-spade rudderpod combines following features.

There may be provided a hollow rotating rudderstock to which there are arranged the needed cabling, such as power cabling, and piping. Piping and cables can bend as needed in the high rudderstock.

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In some embodiments there is no human entry or cooling air flow like in an azimuthing propulsion unit (such as Azipod®, which is a registered trademark of ABB Group) and where the diameter needed is thus larger.

There may be provided a separate tunnel for human entry in to the pod unit for service. The tunnel may be arranged through the rudder. In some embodiments, the tunnel is used only when pod steering is locked to zero degree angle.

The fixing arrangement of the rudderpod to the...