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Generate preferred route depending on class of vehicle and dynamic capabilities Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241247D
Publication Date: 2015-Apr-08
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The invention introduces a unique way for a mobile device to generate navigational routes optimized for a particular vehicle and account for the current capabilities of that vehicle. Chosen routes for a vehicle reflect past choices the user has made while operating the vehicle (or similar vehicle) and choices of other users while operating the vehicle (or similar vehicle). Using the invention increases the efficiency of the user by avoiding routes that are not preferable, safe or legal for a certain type of vehicle.

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Generate preferred route depending on class of vehicle and dynamic capabilities

Many users now rely on mobile devices for navigation and route planning when they are traveling. All current smart phones and many tablets have the capability to act as a GPS-based map with turn-by-turn directions, and thus beginning to replace car-mounted GPS navigational devices. However, with this change in navigation technology usage there are new problems introduced. One such problem is that a single device may now be used to provide route planning for a particular user's multiple vehicles. For instance, consider a person who owns a sports car, motorcycle, a large pickup truck and a delivery truck. The user also owns a boat that may be towed in a trailer behind the pickup truck. Depending on the particular vehicle chosen, certain routes may not be appropriate or preferred given the context. For example, the delivery truck may not be able to travel down certain roads that are accessible by the sports car. Similarly, the pickup truck may require different routes depending if the boat trailer is attached or not.

Given the current art there is not a way for a single mobile device to choose preferred routes as a function of the vehicle and dynamic capabilities of that vehicle . Our invention solves this problem.

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This is enabling art that provides capability for a navigational application to account for road conditions and overlay the conditions on a map. Our invention uses such provided information and maps them to a vehicles known capabilities , which allows the system to choose the best possible route at a given time.

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This is enabling art, allowing a navigational application to dynamically change the route while in transit. This is something our invention might choose to do based on the current vehicle's properties (e.g. 4WD is no longer working).




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"A vehicle route guidance system considers driver preferences, vehicle parameters such as speed and performance capabilities in a navigation computer , and outputs flexible guidance instructions based on these considerations . The system
monitors vehicle parameters such as current location and speed with sensors such as an odometer (109), a compass (115), and a GPS receiver (113). The system also determines the location of a vehicle manoeuvre and then, considering the former attributes with a model free mechanism, in this case a navigation computer with fuzzy inferencing (101), communicates to the driver instructing him how to manoeuvre."
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