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Method and apparatus for quickly locate and switch between browser main window and pop-up windows Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241259D
Publication Date: 2015-Apr-10
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By hooking into existing web browsers, we are able to get all links in one web page and also be able to know whether the clicked link is open in a new tab or a new pop-up window, or simply replace its original content in the same page. Once the link is open in a new pop-up window successfully(not blocked by browser), a task bar will be created in the bottom of this web page containing system handler of that new window. So that when user want to switch to that pop-up window later, he/she will only need to click the link on that task bar and browser will help switch.

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Method and apparatus for quickly locate and switch between browser main window and pop

Method and apparatus for quickly locate and switch between browser main window and pop-

Universality of usage of web browsers and applications normally requires users to open a lot of different web pages in their web browsers . Some of those pages can be grouped in one browser with different tabs. However, there are cases that a window may pop up from its original link. Those pop-up windows normally is very small and yet contains important information related to its original page(e.g. progress information) which requires users to check on them from time to time. And those pop-up windows will appear as 'new window' in its browser and can not be listed together with its original web page. Thus, users may find it hard to be located. And switching from the pop-up window and its original web page window could be annoying too.

For example, in some website, an additional plugin may be required for users to normally visit the website. And the procedure of downloading and installing that plugin will be tracked from an independent pop-up window initialized from its original web page. This user is doing another business in parallel, so he could lose the focus of this website and its pop-up window. And he may want to check the progress to see if he could do next action from time to time. However, finding the pop-up window may be not easy because there are lots of other windows open in his desktop. In this situation, after dozens of alt+tab he may finally locate that window again and find out the download is still in progress. This situation could be very annoyed.


1. When there is one pop-up window. The pop-up window will show on the top and this is ok.


--up windows

up windows

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2. When there are more pop-up windows, one of them will be shown on the top and hide the others. If the top window is not large enough to cover the other pop-up windows, that's still ok because you can click on the other pop-window to put...