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Integrity detection system for fragile objects based on elasticated probe deformation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241308D
Publication Date: 2015-Apr-15
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Disclosed is a system for monitoring the integrity of non-uniform objects in transit, combining the measurement of the conductivity in flexible probes and wireless communication to alert interested parties in the event of an object deformation.

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Integrity detection system for fragile objects based on elasticated probe deformation

The system comprises a monitoring device based on the conductivity changes in flexible, conductive rubber probes (e.g. graphene rubber bands [1], or conductive rubber cord [2]), and an alert system based on wireless communication. The flexibility of the probes allows this system to be applied to non-uniform objects with complex contours, as the probes must be stretched across the object. These probes have a measured electrical resistance depending on the amount they have been stretched. If the item's integrity is compromised, the tension of the probes across the item will change which will in turn change the conductivity of the probes. The conductivity is measured using a control unit (micro-controller) fixed to the item using a temporary fixing agent.

    The control unit will then generate notifications and transmit them to other devices via wireless communication when a failure of integrity is detected. The micro-controller can interface with devices such as, an electrophoretic ink panel, an RF module, an audible alarm, or an SMS device.

    An example scenario of where the system could be used is in the transportation of a fragile item from a warehouse to a customer premises in a courier van. The system would be applied directly to the item within the packaging, therefore allowing the courier to be notified of a breakage without having to open the packaging.

    The diagram below shows...