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Publication Date: 2015-Apr-15
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Vehicle front fascias, front valance panels and front air dams are being modified to provide increased aerodynamic which provides greater fuel economy. These components/systems need to be closer to the ground to redirect the frontal air around the vehicle instead of under it. The lower and more ridged designs are prone to damage from a multiple of sources and inputs:

 Wind load and vibration under high speed driving
 Road curbs and driveway ramps
 Vehicle haulaway and flatbed towing chains and winching cables


Currently tow operators attach their winch hook assembly underneath the front of the vehicle.

When the winch is engaged and the tow cable is tight it can damage the front fascias, front valance panels and front air dams if they are too low or rigid.

New Approach

     Provide a structure that captures the wheel at the ground and allows it to roll while being loaded onto a flatbed. A symmetrical assembly must also be used on the opposite wheel to compensate for any angular pull created by the vehicle orientation. The tow loop, mini J and T hook features are available on each side of the structures for the winching hook and cable or straps to avoid body panel damage.

     EXAMPLE - A vehicle is disabled on the side of the road. The tow recovery operator would remove the adjustable width tow beam and set it to the proper front track width. Then they would remove the LH wheel lift L arm with rollers and place it behind the LH...