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Secure method of registering credit card with a mobile payment system

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241317D
Publication Date: 2015-Apr-16
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This invention proposes a simple mechanism to help determine whether a credit card registered with an online payment system is suspicious, by matching the registered address of the card with the current location of the user.

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Secure method of registering credit card with a mobile payment system

The problem is one of securely registering credit cards with modern payment systems eg: http://gizmodo.com/turns-out-apple-pay-cant-solve-credit-card-fraud-1681932420

    In summary: When registering a credit card with such a system, only the card number and CVV code on the back is required. After the card is registered payment can be made by using a secure fingerprint or password.

    However stolen credit card details can be bought online and registered with the system which then makes it extremely easy to purchase items using the stolen card.

    The invention provides a new secure way to register a credit card with such a mobile payment system. When registering the credit card using a mobile device the GPS location data is also supplied. When the details are submitted to the mobile payment provider the location data is used to determine the street address, which is

then checked against the credit card provider.

This ensures that a user can only register a credit card with the mobile payment system from the address the card is registered.

This has the advantage that if credit card details are stolen the user could only register the card if they are physically at the registered address.

Steps for securely registering credit card with mobile payment system

1. The user enters their credit card details into the mobile device using the touchscreen keyboard or by scanning the card using the built in camera
2. The current GPS location of the mobile device is retrieved and embedded in the users submission
3. The registration request is submitted to the registration service
4. The service uses the GPS location data to retrieve a street address from a geocoder service provider
5. The address the...