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Interpreting Timely Feedback Response during an Event Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241327D
Publication Date: 2015-Apr-17
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Disclosed is a system for interpreting timely feedback response and presenting the information to a user during an event.

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Interpreting Timely Feedback Response during an Event

Presenters are often unable to gauge audience engagement and sentiment , as well as the overall effectiveness of the presentation .

The novel contribution is a system to detect and measure participant engagement in event, such as an audience's reaction during a presentation . During an event, such as a presentation, the system uses a series of both passive and active inputs as indicators of user engagement. The system analyzes this input data in real time. The system instantly presents to the speaker a summarization with confidence level using traditional methods such as teleprompters or inconspicuous technologies such as wearables .

During implementation, the system uses a series of inputs as indicators of user engagement and sentiment.

Passive inputs include:

• Voice transcription: see if any words are trending in social media • Decibel monitoring: clapping/cheering/booing sound levels • Camera: mood determination and level of engagement by facial recognition
• Accessing a web site: surge in traffic of web sites predetermined to be part of

presentation (from site logs)

• Monitor network in room: traffic spikes, people disconnecting (e.g., leaving the room), general traffic inspection

Active inputs include companion applications (e.g., manual thumbs up/down voting, "head scratcher" audience confused button , questions, etc.) and interactive questions between the presenter and the audience.

The syste...