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A new pattern of logistics transportation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241346D
Publication Date: 2015-Apr-18
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In the new pattern of logistics transportation, it can deliver the goods on demand, more timely, more economical and efficient. it benefit both cusotmer and drivers: for cusomer, he can select nearest, valued driver, and know the real-time position of his good; for driver, he also can select well-deserved customer, and give more favorable price for long term coperation.

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A new pattern of logistics transportation

In typical logistics transportation, a user wants to transport goods from address A to B. The process is as below:
1. The user submits an order to transport company.

2. Then the courier from nearest delivery C of this company will go to A and get the goods.

3. The courier took the goods to C.

4. All the goods which have the same address area will be transported to delivery D.

5. Another courier takes the goods from D to B.

The drawbacks of this solution:
1. Not the fastest transportation because the goods is not directly from A to B, but from A ->C->D->B
2. We cannot know the real-time location of the goods.

3. Does not go on demand delivery.

We want to make a on demand delivery. There is a platform has transporting vehicles and drivers registered. They can be personal registered or


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company. User can get benefits below:
1. The goods can be transported directly from departure position to destination. That is the fastest way.
2. Users can know the real-time position of his goods.

3. User can choose the highly valued drivers and vehicles for his logistics transporting.

4. Drivers also prefer to well-deserved customer, may give a more favorable price to this customer.

1. User A want to send goods to user B, A send request to the platform with departure address, destination and User A's reputation.

2. The platform received the order and sends it to the nearest drivers. (2a,2b.2c.2d).

3. One of the drivers takes the...